Thursday, November 10, 2016


The word stem gen- (meaning "birth") occurs in many words. 

1. Add an affix to this stem to make another word.

2. Explain the meaning of the word and use it in a complete sentence.

Each participant should add a different word to the list.


Panteha B. 155 said...

Generation (n) - all of the people born and living at about the same time, regarded collectively.

This generation of children spend more time watching TV than playing outside.

LinelleR said...

Genesis = the origin, creation, or beginning of something.
Many people believe that the genesis of the world was created by God.

HJL said...

Generate: to bring into existence; cause to be; produce.
The solar energy can generate electricity.

JacquelineR said...

Generous (adjective) - willingness to give more than is expected or necessary as a person of noble birth would be
The generous millionaire donates money to charity.

Michael said...

Good try, Panteha. But watch your subject-verb agreement.

Good try, Linelle. But if generation means "creation", then your sentence says "the creation of the world" was created, which is a little awkward.

Well done, HJL and Jacqueline.