Thursday, March 17, 2016


Follow the instructions below to create three different sentences from the following clause:*

… I'm excited about the future …

Sentence 1. Add a phrase      
Sentence 2. Add a dependent clause
Sentence 3. Add an independent clause

*Add your words to the beginning or end of the clause (but not both) and do not use a semi-colon to join your independent clause.


Logan Sonnenberg said...

I'm excited about the future, not the present.
I'm excited about the future, except it can be scary.
This has been such a hard year, but I'm excited about the future.

Taylor C said...

I am excited for the future, as life can only be lived forward.
I am excited for the future as your new wife.
I am excited for the future, we have lots of plans to look forward too.

ENG 155 Taylor J

Michael said...

Good try, Logan, but your second sentence seems to add an independent clause.
Taylor, your first sentence adds a dependent clause, your second sentence adds a phrase, and your third sentence uses a comma splice.