Thursday, September 1, 2016


The word stem mal- (meaning "bad")occurs in many words. 

1. Add an affix to this stem to make another word.

2. Explain the meaning of the word and use it in a complete sentence.

Each participant should add a different word to the list.


Daryl Schaeffer said...

Malcontent - always or often unhappy or angry about something.

Oscar the grouch is very malcontented individual.

Shohrehmo said...

Fail to function properly or satisfactory.
Computer malfunction caused considerable consternation among team members.

Panteha B said...

Malnutrition: lack of proper nutrition, caused by not having enough to eat, not eating enough of the right things, or being unable to use the food that one does eat.

Malnutrition is a major health concern in poor countries.

Philippe Marquis said...

Malicious : Intentionally harmful

The malicious man kicked the barking dog.

LinelleR said...

Malaise = general feeling of discomfort, illness, or uneasiness

After I left the house party, I felt malaise come over me.

Michael said...

Really nice answers, everyone!