Thursday, September 1, 2016


Write a sentence using the vocabulary and grammar indicated. Do not use a semi-colon.

Write a sentence that includes a dependent clause in the past perfect progressive tense and a dependent clause in the past perfect and an independent clause in the  simple present.


Daryl Schaeffer said...

I have been thinking that you had studied English, but now I am not so sure.

Sarah Plowman said...

I am waiting for Henry to finish his dialysis treatment, he had been doing four exchanges a day but I have noticed he increased to five.

Michael said...

Good try, both of you. I know this was a tough one. But there are problems with both answers.

Here is a possible solution:

1. dependent clause in the past perfect progressive:

Although my friend had been worrying...

2. Dependent clause in the past perfect:

...that he had not studied enough...

3. Independent clause in the simple present:

he always does well on exams.

Final sentence:

Although my friend had been worrying that he had not studied enough, he always does well on exams.